Baan de Sol

At Baan de Sol, we believe in creating products that are not only beautiful but also kind to our planet and its people.

Slow made in small batches always.

Angela with the team of makers in Thailand. Where all the Baan de Sol products are create by hand

Baan del sol

Our story

We are an artisan-made home goods and lifestyle company that brings traditional, handmade products from small communities in Thailand to you in the U.S.

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Woman working on creating the fabric for a table runner

From our hands to your home

Handcrafted. Buying with intention. Old Traditional. Modern Design. Woven in tradition. Rooted in culture.

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  • Drawing of a hand loom

    Handwoven & Hand-dyed

    Our products are dyed with natural elements and woven by skilled artisans.

  • Drawing of a heart being held by two hands

    Slow made

    Each item is a testament to mindful production, ensuring quality and longevity.

  • Drawing of a scale and balance

    Ethically Sourced

    We prioritize sustainable practices, ensuring every piece is sourced with respect for people and the planet.